We are the original Las Vegas. Historic. Beautiful. Diverse. Authentic.  We are New Mexico True.

LasVegas_NM_Final_Logo_C_W_line_TM-transparentWe are a local Arts Council dedicated to serving you. Visual arts, performance arts, artists, art lovers, you are welcome here!

The Las Vegas Arts Council & Gallery 140 has a different exhibit every month to introduce you to the art and artists of our community.  View our current and past exhibits, and delight in the talent and gifts nestled, nurtured, and treasured in our small town.

The October Exhibit at Gallery 140 features teacher and painter Colin Lanhan, print-maker and design artist Jessica Lanham, and potter, Jane Warsaw.  Click here for information about this exhibit.

We are featuring the work of local artist Janet Stein Romero at the Plaza Hotel.  Click here for a great article about Romero, or see her work on her Facebook page.

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