We are the original Las Vegas. Historic. Beautiful. Diverse. Authentic.  We are New Mexico True.

LasVegas_NM_Final_Logo_C_W_line_TM-transparentWe are a local Arts Council dedicated to serving you. Art lovers, curious art explorers, visual artists, performance artists, you are welcome here!

The Las Vegas Arts Council’s Gallery 140 at 140 Bridge Street has a different exhibit every month or two to introduce you to the art and artists of our community. January opens with the work of long-time Pendaries resident June Bowers.  Her photography of northeastern New Mexico includes vistas and landscapes, some of our loveliest homes, and many landmarks you will recognize.  The Bowers show, New Mexico Places, is open Tuesday through Saturday, from 1:00 – 4:00 pm.

Flamenco at the Plaza Hotel is the next event in our Castañeda Concert Series, at 7:30 on Saturday, February 18, 2017.  Click on the link for the details.

To view our archived past exhibits, and delight in the talent and gifts nestled, nurtured, and treasured in our small town, click here.


The 2016 Historic Las Vegas Studio Tour was great fun and we made many new friends among all the art lovers who came to visit.  If you attended, and have “two cents” about it, please click HERE. If necessary, we will actually pay two cents! Get a glimpse of what you missed here.  We aren’t trying to make you feel badly, we want to motivate you to come visit!

Come celebrate the arts with us in the original Las Vegas, NM.

What else is there to do in Las Vegas?
Our list of upcoming arts and cultural events can be found HERE, and we include lots of interesting ongoing exhibits as well.

Start HERE to visit our city’s site brimming with things to do and reasons to visit!


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