We are the original Las Vegas. Historic. Beautiful. Diverse. Authentic.  We are New Mexico True.

We are a local Arts Council dedicated to serving you.

For information related to Gallery 140 and Covid-19, please click here.

Our June show,

is now open

Coming soon, ONLINE, a VIRTUAL PEOPLE’S Faire!

Our March/April 2020 exhibit celebrated the first annual Las Vegas Pride Celebration.
Click for images of the 2019 Las Vegas, NM Pride Celebration Parade.

The 2020 Prism Pride Parade was postponed, due to safety issues and required distancing due to Covid 19.

2020 Calls for Art and Artists CLICK HERE

May 2020 at our new online Gallery Marketplace!
“Created in Place”
and “Six Degrees of Isolation”
Calls here.
This show is also delayed while we wait for inspiration.


Meet June Bowers,
one of our featured artists,
and view her art photographs
of northeast New Mexico here.



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