We are the original Las Vegas and we are in New Mexico.  Historic, beautiful, diverse.  A vital component of the cultural life of Las Vegas for many years, the Las Vegas Arts Council, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, has been promoting visual,  performing and participatory arts in this community since 1977.

Gallery 140, our art gallery at 140 Bridge Street is closed for a few days between shows.  We will fly the Open Flag whenever the doors are open.  Please drop in Tuesday  through Saturday, from 1:00 – 4:00 PM.  Click HERE for directions.  We look forward to meeting you!

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Calendar of Arts and Culture Events

updated 7/23/14


Artists calls include the

2014 People’s Faire

2014 Historic Las Vegas Studio Tour


 JULY at Gallery 140

Jux`ta`pose: to place (different things) together in order to create an interesting effect or to show how they are the same or different; to place side by side, especially for comparison or contrast. Although the final pieces differ in form, texture and color, both watercolor on paper and bronze sculpture are created from material that flows and then freezes in place. Using water and fire Jane Fritz and Jane Lumsden use their art to capture a moment in time, celebrating the natural world. The effects are the same: suspension of movement, a pause for reflection on the beauty around us. Through her watercolors, Jane Fritz draws on visions from her world travels to convey a sense of warmth, love and appreciation for the natural world. Her palette of colors captures the luminous quality of light to recreate various atmospheric moods. Jane Lumsden boldly holds a breath of movement, asking the observer to imagine the next sequence, while using her medium to celebrate the integrity of space and time. Her pieces invite the need to touch and share. Two artists, different media, same intent: to bring beauty, thought and emotional response to the viewer, creating a sense of wonder. “Juxtapose” will run from July 2nd to July 26th at Las Vegas Arts Council’s Gallery 140 on Bridge St. Call for more information 505-718-6774 or 505-425-3097.



Apple Blossom: Mixed Media Mobile Sculpture


Alex Ellis: Alkyd Paintings

Intuitive Map - Olympia

Intuitive Map – Olympia

Intuitive Map - Indianapoloid

Intuitive Map – Indianapoloid






Quilts and More!


The Silver Threads Quilters created beautiful wall hangings, traditional quilts, casserole carriers, tote bags, aprons, and displayed every imaginable practical and decorative use for their labors of love for the month of May. More people were drawn in off the street by the vivid, bold colors and the warmth of their volunteer gallery-sitters than is typical.  They made many new friends for the Arts Council and we appreciate their work.

2014 NMHU Ceramics Students Exhibition and Amy Caldwell

WebHeaderRev1 The ceramics students of NMHU Department of Visual and Performing Arts had a group exhibit at Gallery 140 in the Las Vegas Arts Council building on Bridge Street in April. There were 14 artists under the tutelage of Shereen Lobdell, a Ceramic Arts professional and educator at both NMHU and Luna Community College. Ceramic garden gnomes, birdbaths, pots, planters, pitchers, masks, mushrooms, tiles, and other sculptures set the tone. Amy Caldwell, daughter of Las Vegas artist (painter) Dorothy Chase Keightly, and mother of graphic and silk screen artist Adam Caldwell, added another level of sophistication with her two-dimensional ink and watercolors  of herbs and plants, collages, and paintings of Las Vegas life. In 2013, Amy’s design entry in the Annual Fiesta Poster Contest won her a third place award.  It was a wonderful show for everyone involved.



We celebrated Youth Art Month at Gallery 140 with a beautiful exhibit of young artists in elementary, middle, and high school through March.  Curated by City Schools art teachers Julie Sanistevan and Shawna Wangseng, the walls of the gallery were filled with life and color!

MelodySaturday, March 17, we had our Saturday Music Salon featuring singer and songwriter Melody Perez, painter of American Wild Mustangs.

Get a glimpse of Melanie’s art on her website.

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JANUARY 9, 2014 – FEBRUARY 21, 2014



Photos from the February 2014 African Connections Music Salon with the United World College African Chorus.

African Salon 2.1African Salon 1African Salon 3

Photos from the January 2014 Artists Reception for African Connections—Images, Art and Conversation!

 African Reception 2 African Reception 3 AFRICAN CONNECTIONS: IMAGES & ART tells the story of Santa Fe photographer Dave Giltrow and Las Vegan Werner Muller who met and worked in Tanzania, East Africa from 1961 to 1963. This was the transition period toward independence for Tanganyika from British Colonialism.

Volunteer Werner Muller, doing his two years of alternative service for the American Friends Service Committee, coordinated projects with local leaders in developing potable water resources in the Pare Mountains. In the Fall of 1961, Dave Giltrow was commissioned by the American Friends Service Committee in cooperation with IBM Corporation to provide photographs of the AFSC work as part of a fund raising exhibit. Dave spent two weeks shadowing Werner, photographing his life and work in the Pare Mountains.

DG Wazee wa Kijiji Ugweno TZ 1961Some of these original photographs are on exhibit in Gallery 140 through January and February of 2014. After their return to the US in 1964, Werner Muller and Helen Tyson, also a AFRSC Community Development Volunteer, were married and became graduate students in education from 1965-1970. They were subsequently employed by Teachers College, Columbia University to teach Swahili in training programs for the Peace Corps Teachers, Teachers for East Africa.

Also showcased on exhibit during January & February is a stunning display of African Art & Artifacts that are a part of the collection belonging to Las Vegas area residents Carrol & Bob Pearson. The Pearsons spent 20 years teaching, employed by the governments in Ghana in West Africa and Swaziland in East Africa. Both Bob & Carrol were “motivated to see first-hand how a newly independent country in Africa managed to build its own institutions and free itself from colonial influences.”




Local musicians Bob Rivas and John Bradford enjoy revisiting the roots of rock!  They were a hit at the 4th of July Fiestas performing as the Acoustic Dogs, so we invited them to participate in a Saturday Salon at Gallery 140.  They not only graciously accepted our invitation, but designed an entire set around “Songs from Café Desperado,”  desperate songs for desperate people.




Throughout December, twenty artists from the area showed over 100 paintings, sculpture, collages, archival photographs, carvings, jewelry, beadwork, fabric art and more, priced from $5 to $500 just in time for Christmas shopping. The Small Works Exhibit and Sale is an annual LVAC event.



Diana Whitten…metal and fiber sculpture Isaac Chavez…iron, glass, pottery and original paintings Josh Woodley…iron work Deb Morse….steel and glass Andrew Marsh…iron sculptures And a few other featured guests throughout the month of November!



Carl Bernstein and Marilyn Priddy

Farewell Concert

The Arts Council sponsored a free Farewell Concert by Carl Bernstein and Marilyn Priddy with musical variety on guitar, cello, and voice as they prepared to begin a troubadour tour of North America.

If you have never heard Carl and Marilyn before, check this out!

Gallery 140 was filled to capacity, with a few on the floor and standing room only. From old jazz standards to classical pieces, Carl and Marilyn enthralled their audience who clearly enjoyed every moment of the concert and of their love story. Finally, they welcomed friends to tour their handcrafted designer mobile home parked for viewing.

Las Vegas Plein Air Paint Out

on Display through October

2013_Plein_AirFor the second year, the Las Vegas Plein Air Club hosted its annual Las Vegas Plein Air Paint Out, on display through October at Gallery 140. Rooted in 19th century Impressionist’s fascination with light and landscape, “En plein air” or “in the open air” refers to the practice of painting and sketching outdoors. Las Vegas’ 19th century ambiance, situated between the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains, is the perfect cauldron for this venerable artistic enterprise and is home to a small group of dedicated enthusiasts who enjoy sharing their passion. The Paint Out was open to everyone to participate regardless of experience.  Folks new to the idea were encouraged to attend. Events ranged from a Quick Draw competition on the Plaza, where everyone drew for an hour and then celebrated the results, to informative talks about New Mexico Impressionism. There were multiple opportunities to socialize with fellow painters as well as maps to popular painting sites. The focus was on fun and painting.  The weekend finished up with a public reception and art sale at Las Vegas Arts Council’s exhibit space, Gallery 140 on 140 Bridge Street.  All work on exhibit was completed during the paint out weekend.  Canvasses were stamped at the opening registration/reception event, and participants provided framing for display. Participants reported that great fun was had by all and that it was “truly exhilarating to be out painting in the October light of Northeastern New Mexico.” Details: Click HERE for a PDF of the poster to print or share!


The Smooth Riders’ Concert was AMAZING.




Land as Legacy 2013

2013 Reception 2

Picuris potter, Julia Geffroy, and friend.


Limited Edition Art Print

31613 004Add this Amado M. PEÑA serigraph to your art collection, and support the Las Vegas Arts Council. This is a limited time offer – for complete details click on link at left. <<<<<———-


Mission Statement

 The mission of the Las Vegas Arts Council is to promote, encourage, advise, and coordinate the cultural arts of Las Vegas and surrounding communities. A vital component of the cultural life of Las Vegas for many years, the Las Vegas Arts Council, a non-profit 501(c(3) organization, has been promoting visual, performing and participatory arts in this community since 1977.   LVAC is committed to support not only the arts, but the artists who create the arts.  Under our status as a non-profit arts organization, we partner with and promote other area arts organizations, such as the Pendaries Art League, Pecos Arts Guild, El Zocalo Artists Co-operative, Literacy Council, and Nat Gold Players. Children’s theater in July is an annual focus through the auspices of Missoula Children’s Theatre. The High School Art Competition, in partnership with New Mexico Highlands University, is a LVAC annual event, as is People’s Faire (a folk art enterprise) in August. Numerous music concerts and the Winter Music Salon series foster the enjoyment of and appreciation for various modes of music modalities and traditions.

Las Vegas is proud of its rich history of diversified culture. The LVAC’s goal is to celebrate this uniqueness and to encourage our young people to carry on this tradition. The accomplishment of this goal in an ongoing and progressive manner can only enhance the quality of life in Las Vegas and surrounding areas in the years ahead. We welcome and need YOUR help, your thoughts, ideas, and comments on how we might better serve our artists, our patrons, and our communities.

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