2019 – 2020 pARTners Art Lovers and Artists

2019 AND 2020 are included and current members are identified as 2020.
We will delete the expired memberships shortly.
In the meantime, we have linked our  donors to their art or business websites or Facebook pages.  We encourage you to support them, as they support us.

Art Lovers


2020 Bart Ellison and Susan Ammerman
Bart and Susan are both artists and art lovers.
Click on either link to learn more about them!

2020 Janet Remenyik


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Nancy Colalillo


2020 Elmo Baca, Indigo Theatre

2020 Frank and Jan Beurskens

2020 Brooke Burkey

2020 Sonya Berg

Patricia Ridge Bradley

2020 Pam and Doyle Daves

2020 Bob Goodfellow

Bob and Mary Rose Henssler

Karyl Lyne and Patrick Rucker

2020 Bob and Donna Rivas

David Rogers

Wid Slick

Keith and Jeannie Showell

Sharon M. Stillwater

G.V. Swan

Bob and Sharon VanderMeer

Sanford Walker and Roxanne Gonzales


2020 Lee Allard

2020 Allen Ayers

2020 Sonya Berg

2020 David Blust

Scott Clark

Dan Daly

2020 Susie Flores

Andrea Gottschalk

Cordell and Patricia Halverson

Jay and Sara Harris

Mary Beth Harris

Rebecca Helianthus

2020 Lillian Hoika

2020 Robert Jacobson

Nina Marquez Johns

Joan Landguth

Diane Lay

2020 Gloria Leyba

Joyce Litherland

Gina Levra

Rosalie Lopez

Jane Lumsden and Randy Nakasone

Anne Maclachlan

2020 Martha and Joe McCaffrey

Maxine and Bill Montgomery

Sherry Morrison

Anita Moss

EJ Nelson

Kristine Ollikkala

Robert and Carroll Pearson

Edwina Romero

2020 Niki Sebastian

2020 Mary Schipper and Tom Trigg

Mouse Wells and Deanna Schmidt

2020 Keith and Jeannie Showell

2020 John and Liz Sieren

Carlos and Loretta Vigil

Margaret Villanueva

Cheryl York

Yoly Zentella


2020 Leslie Alden

Tom and Carol Anderson

Dia and Baqi Atman

2020 Karen Bender

2020 Frank Beurskens

Jon Birdsong

James Blackshear

Bambi Doe Blake

2020 Brooke Burkey

Alice Carney

2020 Lin Chibante

Todd Christensen

2020 Mary Crow Clevenger

2020 Karyn Drum

Devon Denise  Fox

Richard Gonzales

K. Dawne Holmes

Hannalisa Jacobsen

Johanna Keenan

Andy Kingsbury

2020 Kristy Klaiber

Ellen Koment

Sally Nelson Kruse

2020 Louise la Plante

Nancy and Harry Leippe

Olivia Lovato

Ronald W. Maestas

Ronald Maltais

Margaret McGee

Tammy McKee

Adelita Medina

Doris Miller

Don Owens

Diana Presser

2020 Elaine Querry

Mario Quilles

2020 Elise G. Renault

Karen Spitzer

Scott and Carolyn Vail

Loil and Nancy Wallace

Kip Walker

Jane Warsaw (Crystal Cave Enterprises)