About LVAC

LVAC LogoMission Statement

The mission of the Las Vegas Arts Council is to promote, encourage, advise, and coordinate the cultural arts of Las Vegas and surrounding communities.

We send out a (nearly) weekly email with all the arts and culture news and scheduled events.  You can view the information here or join our email list.

LVAC Background

Arts and culture have always been valued here, and we are only beginning to explore the earliest efforts at organizing for their promotion and preservation.  The Las Vegas Arts Council is the result of generations of effort.

This organization was formally incorporated on February 12, 1976, recognized as legally tax-exempt  in August 1977 and chartered by the City of Las Vegas on January 10, 1991.

About six years ago, LVAC opened Gallery 140 in order to showcase two and three person invitational art exhibits and provide occasional themed group exhibits. Monthly meet-the-artist receptions and frequent music salons draw the community into the Gallery and connect them with the Arts Council.

We intend to broaden and intensify our outreach to the entire community while we include more and more aspects of arts and culture in our mission.

We are a Non-Profit Organization

Because LVAC is a legally incorporated 501C3 tax-exempt organization, donors may deduct contributions as provided in section 170 of the federal IRS tax code.  For a copy of our tax code determination status including our EIN, just click HERE.

We recently agreed that our mission statement could be strengthened and clarified, and that we needed a vision statement as well.  As soon as those updates are final, we will post the revised version of our bylaws.  If you are interested in receiving an email when this process is complete, please let us know, and we will email you.

Fiscal Sponsorships

We have sponsorship agreements with local organizations that serve the arts and culture community, and need the support of an established 501c3 tax exempt non-profit organization to fulfill their purpose.   The Literacy Council of Northeastern New Mexico, The Nat Gold Players, and the Pendaries Art League are all under the fiscal sponsorship of the Arts Council.   We are open to proposals from organizations seeking sponsorship.  Review our standard agreement here.

LVAC & Gallery 140 Seeking Artist Proposals

We welcome group shows, and are currently seeking proposals for 2018. Find more information on event proposals and guidelines here.

Our event proposals are designed primarily for visual, gallery art.  Our mission is to promote ALL the arts–visual and performing arts, music, theatre, dance, literature, and all aspects of the culture of our community, diverse and historical, past, present and future.  All suggestions and proposals are for “new adventures down old trails” of expression are welcome.  Please contact us and share your ideas.

LVAC Governing Body

LVAC Directors for Publication (downloads a PDF file)
A director is elected from the membership (or appointed by the board president between membership meetings) and is responsible to the membership, and with the board, manages the affairs of the association.  There are regular monthly board meetings, an annual planning retreat, monthly artists’ receptions, and many opportunities to serve.  There are corporate fiduciary responsibilities as well as duties assigned by the president.

Monthly Board Meetings: Usually the 3rd Friday of each month at  3:00 PM.  Email us for confirmation and agenda.  lvac@lasvegasartscouncil.org

Our next regular meeting will be  December 15, 2017 at  Best Western Montezuma Inn and Suites North Grand Ave, Las Vegas, NM in the Meeting Room.

Our meetings are always open to the public.  If you would like a place on a future agenda, please contact Donna Rivas, Board President.

LVAC Advisors

The Las Vegas Arts Council Advisory Board is composed of members who bring a variety of backgrounds, professions, and interests to the table.  All commit to a one-year term, with the option of renewing.  They meet quarterly, are updated on progress, goals, and issues of importance, and sometimes asked specific questions.  The conversation that follows produces ideas, suggestions, and changes that solve problems and provide perspective.  They are also available for advice between meetings and are always invited to speak their minds on any area that needs attention.

Las Vegas Arts Council Advisory Board (downloads a PDF file)

In addition to the Board of Directors and the Advisory Board we consult experts in their fields for advice.  Local artists are valued for their perspectives, along with our membership and members of the community at large.  We will always listen!