Artist Submission Form “fine fiber”

fine fibers is an exhibit and sale of contemporary fiber arts whose materials consists of natural or synthetic fibers and other components such as fabric, yarn, thread, found objects, natural materials

Submissions are open for “fine fibers.”
We welcome submissions in two categories.

Category I
fine fibers is an exhibit and sale of contemporary fiber arts whose
materials consists of natural or synthetic fibers and other components,
such as fabric, found objects, natural materials. The focus of the
materials and the manual labor on the part of the artist must show
aesthetic value over utility in using fiber as an art form.

Category II
fine fiber is an exhibit and sale of fiber hand-made articles whose
materials consists of natural or synthetic fibers and other components,
such as fabric or yarn. The items in category II may be garments,
clothing accessories and/or household items. Work constructed from a
pattern is acceptable (ex. knitted); work from commercial kits will not
be accepted (ex. pattern printed on fabric embroidery kit).

Open to all member artists and craftsmen of Las Vegas Arts Council.

Entry: Final deadline is April 24, 2021 for entries to be considered.

Space is limited for each category and items will be reviewed prior to
selection in the show.

The show will run from early May into early June. Bridge Street and Gallery 140 are scheduling with  film crew also working in the area.  We will verify drop-off and gallery opening schedule VERY shortly.  In the meantime…

"fine fiber" Gallery 140 Submission Form
Information and images must be sent by the entry deadline. All information requested is required if available.
Your personal contact information above is for our use, and not available to the public without your permission. We will provide some or all of the information below as we advertise your work. Please provide all that you have available.

Sending the digital images: Electronic submission is required (Slides and images on CD’s will not be reviewed)  Take your BEST shot!  We will use these images of accepted work  in an online gallery.

PHOTOGRAPH YOUR ENTRIES WITH A DIGITAL CAMERA (cell phones are allowed) or send us a digital copy of your photograph. Only digital entries of artwork will be accepted. The juror will judge images by viewing digital entries only. You are encouraged to use a good digital camera (3.0 Mega Pixels or higher suggested).
We have support for artists unfamiliar with pixels and dpi.  ASK!

File format: .JPG files, File Resolution: High; 300 dpi, 1200 pixels on longest side preferred but not mandatory; Files will be used for online promotion & in-house slideshow so need to be of good quality.

File Naming Instructions: include the artist’s last name, first name, title, and category I or II. Example: JohnsonPatricia_Red Scarf_II.jpg

In text box above image file below, we need this information exactly like this example:
Artist Name | Name of Work | Price* | Medium | Size**

Provide a brief description of or inspiration for each piece to be used for online promotion.

* Price should include gross receipts tax (to be paid by the artist) and rounded to the nearest dollar.
** Fine art is listed as Height x Width x Depth in inches. Paintings are measured by height first, followed by width. Sculptures and three-dimensional installations are measured by height, width, and depth. Include “Framed” if that is how you are selling the piece.

Entry/Deadline for submissions: Pending
Deliver work to gallery (Late April, Early May TBD) following all COVID-19 precautions. Wear a facemask, observe social distancing, and limit of five in the gallery at a time!!!
We will check temperatures, ask questions, and diligently enforce the protocol.
Pick up date  TBD (early June) by appointment
If you have questions or any conditions preventing your ability to provide the needed information please contact us.
Linda Anderle, Curator,
Susie Tsyitee, Gallery Director,
(505) 425-1085 Office message phone
(505) 603-9543 Susie’s cell

Thanks!  When you have reviewed all the entries, please click “Submit.”