Meet the Directors

The men and women who serve as the governing body of Las Vegas Arts Council all share a commitment to the arts and culture of Las Vegas, the artists and the art lovers, the locals and the guests who come to visit.

Directors have overlapping three year terms; some were elected to full terms and some were appointed to fill partial terms. The classes listed are the years their terms expire on December 31.

Missing biographical sketches and photos will be added as soon as they become available. The officers will be elected by the board January 8, and posted within a week.

Class of 2019
Adolfo Castillo
Angela Meron
Roxanne Gonzales, Secretary

Roxanne Gonzales
Roxanne Gonzales has been interested in the arts, (music, theater, and weaving), throughout her life and has served on various boards focusing on theater, animal welfare, economic development, and higher education.  She is very pleased to serve on the Las Vegas Arts Council board as a means of growing and exploring the arts for our Las Vegas community.  Roxanne is the provost and vice president of academic affairs at New Mexico Highlands University in Las Vegas, NM.  Originally she is from Albuquerque, NM but grew up in the military and is married to Maj. Sanford Walker (USAF Ret.) of Rye, NH; they have two grown sons. 

Class of 2020
Linda Anderle
Bob Henssler, President
Joe McCaffrey
Donna Rivas

Bob Henssler
Raised in the central Rockies of Colorado; US Navy; Viet Nam veteran; Bachelor of Arts Franklin Pierce College; thirty seven years Commercial Casualty Insurance Claim Experiences; married, children and grandchildren; photographer; artist. Presently serving on the Friends of the Las Vegas National Wildlife Reserve Board and an advisor to the Nat Gold Players Board.

Joe McCaffrey
Joe spent thirty years working for the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), the Navy’s corporate laboratory, as both a bench scientist and as the leader of one of NRL’s most productive and creative groups. The McCaffrey Historic Trolley Building, home of the Highlands Media Arts Department was named was named in honor of Joe and Martha McCaffrey.  Joe and Martha established the McCaffrey Family Endowment to support students in the Highlands University Master of Fine Arts degree program.  Joe and Martha have four adult children and five grandchildren.  Joe and Martha are both prize winning outdoor photographers, their work is in many private collections around the nation.

Class of 2021
Paulina Alarcon/Anita Moss (Sharing one seat)
Frank Beurskens
Richard Lindeborg, Treasurer
David Rogers, Vice President

Anita Moss
Along with my community work, art, & teaching, I own The Boutique in Mora &  I have volunteered in my communities since I was a child. I see myself as an optimistic realist. That being said, creativity, passion, and hard work, I believe, is the ultimate combination to create success and contentment my life.

Frank Beurskens
Frank’s formative years began in agribusiness including forming a commercial commodity trading startup, international consulting and professional speaker, eventually leading to a technology startup with his wife Jan, focusing on digital media for the food industry, until their retirement in 2016 and move to Las Vegas NM.  Frank’s artistic expression is reflected in creating from what is at hand, including property rehabilitation and a passionate love of wood, both functional and sculptural works.

Richard Lindeborg
Richard Lindeborg has served the Las Vegas Arts Council as a member of its Advisory Board and, more recently. Its Board.  He was raised in Las Vegas, New Mexico.  After graduation from Highlands University he spent his career teaching, writing, and editing for four universities and three federal departments before returning to Las Vegas in 2005.  He participates in three singing groups at Highlands and is on the Advisory and Development Board of the Las Vegas Community Foundation.  Richard and his wife, a retired restaurant chef, live in the Las Vegas home his family built in 1950. 

David Rogers
Originally from Iowa, David has lived and worked in New Mexico for the past twelve years. In 2017, after successful careers in publishing, media production, entrepreneurship, business management, political campaign management, and arts and cultural program management, he settled in Las Vegas to help bring the Hotel Castaneda back to life as project administrator. David also has a creative side encompassing visual and media arts, and the written word.