Meet the Directors

The men and women who serve as the governing body of Las Vegas Arts Council all share a commitment to the arts and culture of Las Vegas, the artists and the art lovers, the locals and the guests who come to visit.

Directors have overlapping three year terms; some were elected to full terms and some were appointed to fill partial terms. The classes listed are the years their terms expire on December 31.

The officers were elected by the board January 14, 2020 and are noted.  

Class of 2020
Linda Anderle, Treasurer
Adolfo Castillo

Linda Anderle  
It was on the Highlands campus, as a student, that I realized whatever path I might seek, it would be northern New Mexico that I would return and settle.  Since my 2007 homecoming to Las Vegas, I have reconnected to our community in a variety of ways.  One was the opening of 2 Ten, A Galeria of Art & Treasures on the Plaza and another, joining the Board of the Arts Council.  Both serve to stimulate my creative side as well as engaging the public for the sake of artistic endeavors.  
My goal is to encourage one to be exposed to many different styles of art: it helps to develop the eye and taste and therefore opens one to an appreciation of all. It is rewarding to discover that each one of us can make some form of art.   

Adolfo Castillo
Originally from Houston, Adolfo earned his BFA from NMHU in May 2018, and is now working on his Master of Fine Arts degree in Media Arts and Cultural Technology, also at NMHU. In addition to his art and graphic design, he is a highly valued intern at MainStreet de Las Vegas.

    Class of 2021 
Richard Lindeborg, President
David Rogers, Vice President
Chris Ulibarri, Secretary

Richard Lindeborg
Richard Lindeborg has served the Las Vegas Arts Council as a member of its Advisory Board and the Board of Directors.  He was raised in Las Vegas, New Mexico.  After graduation from Highlands University he spent his career teaching, writing, and editing for four universities and three federal departments before returning to Las Vegas in 2005.  He participates in three singing groups at Highlands and is on the Advisory and Development Board of the Las Vegas Community Foundation.  Richard and his wife, a retired restaurant chef, live in the Las Vegas home his family built in 1950. 

David Rogers
Originally from Iowa, David has lived and worked in New Mexico for the past twelve years. In 2017, after successful careers in publishing, media production, entrepreneurship, business management, political campaign management, and arts and cultural program management, he settled in Las Vegas to help bring the Hotel Castaneda back to life as project administrator. David also has a creative side encompassing visual and media arts, and the written word.  

Chris Ulibarri

Class of 2022
Angela Meron
Jim Hunyadi

Angela Meron
Angela Meron, visual artist and graphic designer, joined the Department of Media Arts & Technology at New Mexico Highlands University following one year as Adjunct Faculty at Simpson College. In addition to teaching graphic design, typography, color theory, and drawing, teaches popular social painting classes while continuing to freelance. Her focus is design – teaching and designing for print, web and social media, interior spaces and a life.

Jim Hunyadi