Call for Artists/Craftspeople/Vendors: 2019 People’s Faire

Last year’s People’s Faire was a wonderful success.
We enjoyed…
* 2800 attendees
* 60 vendor spaces and 3 hot food vendors
* music all day (live music most of the time)
* art experiences
* a town hall of community non-profits sharing information and opportunities
* an all-day used book sale
* fabulous family fun!

This year, we are increasing the number of vendor spaces, hot food options, and doubling last year’s advertising dollars!  We will be advertising in Amarillo, Lubbock,  Raton, Taos, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, and El Dorado, and in 50,000 Las Vegas Visitor’s Guides distributed to all statewide Visitor Center and every larger city’s Chambers of Commerce, Visitors Centers, and hotels.
Share our vendor entry form with your friends!  We will have room and customers for everybody.

We are also open to advertising and marketing recommendations.  Email us here!  Let us know about print and radio opportunities you recommend.  Please print posters and distribute them, especially at similar events you attend, the supply stores you frequent, and anywhere you think would be good.  Please “like” our Facebook page, share our marketing posts, and ask your friends to share.  We are all in this together!

The 2019 People’s Faire is scheduled for August 24, from 10-4 pm. We are always looking for artists and artisans, the skillful, talented, and creative vendors who supply us with beautiful and often delicious delights for ourselves and for gifts.    Entry forms have been sent via email and posted below.

If you have any questions, or would like to be added to our email invitation list, please email us or call 505-425-1085 and leave a message.

To participate:
1.  Pick up an entry form at Gallery 140, and you can complete it and pay by cash or check, OR
2.  If you click here, you can download the 2019 entry form.  Print it out, complete it, and sign.  Bring it to Gallery 140, or mail your form and check  OR
3.  Pay via PayPal (LINK BELOW) , and attach a scanned copy of the completed form to an email.  Email it to us at with PF 2019 in the subject line.

PAYPAL  Click “Add to Cart” to pay for your space, or select more than one space and pay.  If you have a preferred location, let us know. 

Preferred Location 1st Choice
Preferred Location 2nd Choice

Once we have received a signed form and processed your payment, you will receive a confirmation letter with a map of 2019 booth spaces and your location.

2019 People’s Faire Poster – Full sized pdf
2019 People’s Faire Poster – JPG