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Read on to learn WHY you want to donate!LVAC_ACD_BWWe offer a tremendous service to the community, and we need your support.
Be a part of this highly visible and valuable organization, and demonstrate your support of the arts here in the original, historic Las Vegas.

Your membership helps us to qualify for grants for all our activities, including:

  • Art Experiences for Students
  • Annual Student Art Competition
  • Missoula Children’s Theater
  • Annual People’s Faire
  • Music Salons
  • Poetry Circle
  • Juried Exhibits
  • Monthly Featured Local Artists at Gallery 140

And more – with your support!

Join the Las Vegas Arts Council, promoting all the cultural arts in Las Vegas
Art – Music – Dance – Theatre – Literature – Heritage – Culture – Our Future

Annual membership in the Las Vegas Arts Council is open to everyone.
Choose the group and the level that suits you!

We are calling for Art Lovers, Artists, and Businesses to support the Arts Council as we support you!

Choose your level of involvement.
Be a Member, Supporter, Friend, Sustainer, Benefactor, or Patron

Memberships for art lovers are discounted at all levels for students, seniors, and one-person households. Special reduced rates and benefits apply to artists. Business members have their own categories and rates.

We will list your name and your status on our website under pARTners! to acknowledge you, and to encourage others to join and be generous. Artists and businesses may be hyperlinked to a webpage or email address.

ART LOVERS  (Rates are per household)

Member:      $15 —  Students, seniors, and one-person households
                          $25 —  Families

Supporter:   $30 — Students, seniors, and one-person households
                           $50 — Families

Friend:            $55 —  Students, seniors, and one-person households
                            $75 —  Families

Sustainer:     $150 –Students, seniors, and one-person households                                                                     $250 –Families
                            Includes sponsorship of one gallery exhibit (one month long)

Benefactor:  $300 – Students, seniors, and one-person households
                           $500 – Families
                          Includes sponsorship of two gallery exhibits

   $700 – Students, seniors, and one-person households

                        $1,000 -Families
                       Includes sponsorship of a major event —  shared with other Patrons)

ARTISTS (Individuals and groups)
The initial membership level is only $5.00 for a good reason.  #Nomorestarvingartists!

Member:     $5  (Individual/Group listing with link on Artists’ Web Directory)

Featured Artist/Group: $25  (linked ad* in Artists’ web directory –
                                                            listed in alphabetical order)

Higher Levels:  Supporter, Friend, Sustainer, Benefactor, or Patron 
(Linked artist ad* in LVAC directory, plus listing at appropriate Art Lover level)

* Email as a jpg 3.5” wide x  2” tall


Member:  $25    (Listing and link on our website under Business pARTners by level                                       and in alphabetical order)

Featured Business:  $100  (linked ad* in LVAC Business pARTners directory in alphabetical order

Sponsor:  $250 –  (linked ad* in LVAC Business pARTners directory in alphabetical                        order-plus sponsorship of one gallery show)

Benefactor: $500 –  (Ad* and sponsorship of two gallery events, plus level listed in                                  LVAC directory)

Patron:  $1,000 –  (Ad and Patron listing, plus sponsorship of a major event — shared                       with other Patrons

Membership renewals are due on the anniversary of your payment.

Your membership helps us to serve Las Vegas, NM and the surrounding art, theater, dance, and music appreciating community.

Three ways to join!

        • Download our Membership Form, fill it out and return it to us with a check.
        • Come visit us at the Gallery!
        • Join online, using PayPal (below).  We will respond with an email requesting your information if we don’t already have it on file.

For Art Lovers

Art Lover Levels for Students, Seniors, and One-person household
I (We) want to sponsor….

Art Lover Levels for Families
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For Artists

Artist Levels
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For Businesses

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Join the Las Vegas Arts Council! Our supporting members make it all happen!  Help us preserve, promote, and encourage arts and culture in Las Vegas, NM and the surrounding community.