THE MARKETPLACE – Connecting you with LVAC artists with work for sale.

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WHEELS ‘N STEEL! Click here…
13 artists, over 40 works for sale…check out our window if you are on Bridge Street.


Running Wild | Kristi Klaiber | Mixed Media Mosaic | $300 | 26″ x 17″

Six Degrees of Isolation:
We continue to call for work created
while sheltering at home.  This is our very first entry!

Created in Place:
A call for artists to show us what their creative side looks in the time of Coronavirus via video.
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This 30-second short stop-motion film is the creation of Board Director Angela Meron.  We hope it inspires you!  (Artist_at_Work)

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Las Vegas Arts Council’s Annual Student Art Show and Sale
featuring West Las Vegas High School Student Art

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SPLASH! Watermedia

Eight local artists, 38 extraordinary watermedia paintings, hand-picked for your viewing (and buying) pleasure. (Gallery Link)


June Bowers
(Gallery Link)






2019.4 Parade Photo Credit Leon Bustos







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