Specialty Embroidered unique clutch/Yoly Zentella


Embroidered superimposed fabric, beaded bag with flap and ribbon tie, sequins, seed beads, created by artist Yoly Zentella. See details to enjoy the intricate needle work.

Signed by artist

Dimension: 6″H x 8″W

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Delicate hand embroidered bags and pouches for special, precious objects such as crystals, jewelry,  rosary beads, keepsakes. Can be used as an alternative to a gift box or gift wrap.

Original design–each bag is hand made and embroidered, no two are alike. Some are padded, some not, with a variety of closures – tied ribbon, eye and button, some have straps. Bags and pouches come in different sizes. My signature and date are embedded in the embroidery.

Gentleness is required in handling these bags and pouches.  Never put these in the washer or attempt to wash by hand. Only if needed, hand wipe with very soft cloth and a minimal amount of water. Please do not use soap or cleansers on them.

Commissions are accepted. Bags and pouches can be custom made, you can decide the size and we can confer on the colors of  material and thread, however the material itself and design is at the discretion of the artist.    Also available: Embroidered art pieces to use or display — table runners, place mats, napkins, cloths, wall hangings.  Prices vary.

Legacy is embedded in these embroidered creations, a gift from my ancestral grandmothers and mother; I grew up watching them embroider. I always admired similar work by the indigenous women of Mexico. This inheritance and my use of color and design has resulted in what you hold in your hand.

For queries – email Yoly at yoly.zentellanm@gmail.com