Mural 140

Here is the dream! “The Message is Music”


A few local artists will mentor under-engaged youth who are also artistically inclined and join forces with the community to celebrate the modern history of music in Las Vegas. 

“This wall will be an homage to music itself and its effect on this community. It will acknowledge the fact that through music we connect with the world. We carry sound no matter where we are simply through our heartbeat. From music to medicine we become healed and tuned. Music is sound and sound is vibration, just like the colors we use to paint that all carry our intentions.”   Ras Zacharias Tafari and Mike Maiz, Project Coordinators

Beginning with Local Treasure Antonia Apodaca, recipient of the NM Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts, the mural will extend through current styles and into the future with a musically involved youngster who is already busy participating in the Parachute Factory, Luca Juarros, the son of artist/musician/DJ Aaron Juarros and Dr. Elizabeth Juarros.   Pedestrian traffic will admire the mural and experience our music culture as they enter Historic Bridge Street. The Breezeway is sheltered by the Las Vegas Arts Council on one side and Indigo Theatre on the other, both historic creative economy enterprises.

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Join us in a community effort to honor Antonia Apodaca, commemorate the influence of music on our community, beautify this area, and CELEBRATE THE ARTS in Las Vegas.

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