2016 Studio Tour Registration — Three Things to Know!

Greetings from the Studio Tour Steering Committee!

We are thrilled that you are ready to register to participate in the 2016 Historic Las Vegas Art Studio Tour.  We have worked hard to make this as painless as possible (and paper-free).  We tested and tested, and decided it would be helpful if we reminded you about these THREE things before you begin to fill in the online studio tour registration form.

 Please have a jpeg image of your work available on your computer before you use the entry form. You will not be able to register without uploading a jpeg file into the form. This should be an image that represents your best work. It will be used on the studio tour artist page and in the printed brochure. The image should be 5” high and 7” wide, with 300 ppi resolution. The jpeg should be named ST­YourFirstnameYourLastname.jpg (e.g. ST-JaneDoe.jpg). If you do not understand these requirements don’t worry! Please click here to email us  and we will help you.

2. A red asterisk (*) next to a field means it’s required. If you don’t fill it in you’ll get an error.

3. If you are planning to be part of the group exhibit at Kennedy Hall the street address is 905 University Avenue.

Remember, we want to help you!  If you get stuck, just email us and we will work it out!

Click HERE to go directly to the registration form.