Bolivia 1967 to NM 2017 and Places in Between

David Pascale at Gallery 140    

A lifetime, a memoir, a retrospective…

See five decades captured by over a hundred (closer to two hundred) photographs, lovingly framed and hung to introduce you to David’s family, friends, and travels.  They reveal a life of exploration, discovery, relationship, and introspection.  Consider the faces in these portraits and imagine all the experience and wisdom and pain and laughter and love represented.

You are cordially invited to celebrate the work and life of photographer/artist/wordsmith David Pascale on his birthday!  This Friday, May 4, 2018 from 4 – 7 pm, meet the artist, see his work, and enjoy this wonderful opportunity to travel the world!  And see more on the DVD slideshows he created because he has more work than the gallery has walls.

sharing the work of a lifetime.

My name is David Pascale. Born and raised in New York, I had a place out in Mineral Hill twenty years ago, but had to move to Santa Fe to be closer to my work. I retired for the most part and moved up to Canoncito three years ago, to the quiet, the silence and the mud of the country.

I have been a photographer for 50 years. My mother gave me my first camera when I went to Bolivia in 1967 to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer. For 35 years I made a living as a commercial photographer, for the most part, photographing children in schools and in sports leagues, often hundreds in a day. I found myself to be well-suited to this particular niche. I also did weddings, head shots, theater work, bar mitzvahs, etc. During the same time I shot often for my own enjoyment, especially when traveling or in nature.

Bolivia, New York, Atlanta, Europe, Morocco, Ireland, Paris, Mineral Hill, Santa Fe, Taos.  Hawaii, Germany, and Venice. Cañoncito, NM and a few other places in between.

Gallery 140, located at 140 Bridge Street, is open Tuesday through Saturday, from 1 to 4 pm, and always by appointment.  Call 505-425-1085 to make arrangements.

Gallery 140 is a community arts opportunity provided by the membership of the Las Vegas Arts Council and generous sponsors, including the City of Las Vegas, San Miguel County, New Mexico Arts, Southwest Capital Bank.