Las Vegas Arts and Cultural District

The goal is to build a creative community with a flourishing economy that nurtures and supports artists and artisans and every imaginative, innovative profession while preserving traditions and exploring the future.

According to New Mexico Arts, “The Arts and Cultural Districts Program’s goal is to promote the exceptional art and history of New Mexico while assisting communities in developing their cultural and artistic resources to create dynamic and economically vibrant districts. Forming Arts and Cultural Districts helps communities provide support to cultural entrepreneurs and institutions while capitalizing on the potential economic opportunity for the district as well as the town.”

The light and the air in Las Vegas seem to nourish local artists, and draw artists from around the world to live and work here.  The history and culture attract educational tourism, and our “Rockies meet the Great Plains” location provides outdoor recreational activities for everyone.

This diverse and extraordinary locale is also home to a university, a community college, and The United World College of the American West multiplying the possibilities for art, theater, music, and dance to flourish.

Plaza Hotel Lobby by Fred Vallier

The challenge is never knowing what to market, but how much and in what order.

With the restored Plaza Hotel in historic Old Town Las Vegas, and the restoration-in-progress of the Castañeda Hotel in the Railroad District, we look forward to thriving businesses bookending an Arts and Cultural District that will attract and charm visitors for days and even weeks at a time.

Castaneda Hotel by Amber Lon MacLean



The Las Vegas Arts and Cultural is incubating under the tender, loving care of the Las Vegas Arts Council.  We welcome your interest, your questions, and your suggestions.

For more information, contact us.