Celebrating the 21st Century Woman Artist – March 2018

Women’s History Month is a month-long celebration of women’s contributions to society and history that is observed during the month of March.

Women artists are making history every day by contributing skillful, thoughtful, and thought provoking expressions of our culture.  We are pleased to present a portion of that expression to you.

Curated by Shereen Lobdell, the theme of this exhibit derives from Shereen’s interest in the sometimes unique voice provided by women to the contemporary art dialogue. The choice to isolate the female gender as a subject reflects the acknowledgement that identity is partially formed by the social environment in which a person lives and functions. The 21st century has ushered in an era where the uniqueness of a voice is appreciated rather than dismissed, and where it’s acknowledged that personal politics such as age, race and gender can deeply influence an individual’s world view. The participants in this exhibit will be chosen from amongst women with vision, which reflects Shereen’s aspiration to present work that engages with the intellectual rigor of contemporary art-making in Western culture.

Shereen will bring her experience, expertise, and energy to a Sunday Salon on Sunday, March 25 at 3:00 and Gallery 140.  She will discuss her vision for the show, describe individual work, and answer questions,

Themes include

  • Pushback against invisibility
  • Body standards
  • The fine “art” of domesticity
  • The normalcy of the female breast
  • Civilization and its malcontents
  • Finding connection; the bridge formed of both the narrative and the symbolic.  Quiet, even timid, but also doggedly relentless
  • Describing the soul with stories that can be interpreted but not fully understood
  • The subconscious and the balance of instinct and ethics

You are cordially invited to view these pieces, ponder the artists’ statements, and build bridges of your own.  The show opens will remain open Tuesday through Saturday from 1-4 pm or by appointment through March 29 at 4:00 pm.  Call 505-425-1085 to schedule an appointment.

About Shereen Lobdell, Curator and Juror|

Shereen Lobdell is currently employed as faculty at NMHU in the Department of Visual and Performing Art. She received her MFA from UNM in 1992 with an emphasis in sculpture and currently teaches ceramics classes while also serving as the Art History instructor. Shereen has recently completed the writing of a textbook entitled the Contributions of Women Artists to Art History, from the 16th to the 20th centuries. She lives and works in Las Vegas, New Mexico.