2021 Fiestecita Poster Contest

Fiestecita Poster Contest
One $1000 Prize to be Awarded

Our long tradition of Fiesta posters is a Las Vegas cultural treasure.

This year, our Fiestas will be very different, but our love for the heritage they represent will never change.

The theme for the 4th of July Celebration 2021 will be “COVID HEROES” and the poster should honor our city’s determination to not only survive but thrive under and above the circumstances of the last year.

  • Doctors, nurses, medical professionals, pharmacists, including health care support workers such as orderlies, phlebotomists, delivery systems
  • Direct care workers such as home health and personal care aides
  • Health care service workers such as housekeepers and cooks
  • Firemen, policemen, EMTs, and all their support staff
  • Grocery store employees
  • Parents, teachers, students, tutors, day care workers
  • Homeless shelters and food distribution centers
  • Nursing homes and hospice workers
  • Funeral services
  • Every single human who cooperated with the mandates and masks and curfews, and cooperated for the good of the community.

We are calling this year’s event Fiestecitas instead of Fiestas because we want to acknowledge that until we can gather together in unlimited numbers, con abrazos y besos, sin máscaras, it’s not quite the same. But the heart and soul of our celebration, honoring our history and traditions, will never ever change.  It will be better than last year, but not as good as next year.

If the pandemic surges, and the governor does not drop restrictions due to safety concerns, our 2021 Fiestecitas may still be cancelled at the last possible minute.  But the poster will live forever, along with todas de las cosas importantes:  memorias, amor a la familia, y seguridad. ¡Que vivan las Fiestas!

We are looking for an 11” x 17” vertical poster that is vibrant, positive, and proud. Only original, hand-drawn painted or colored work will be eligible, no photographs or digital submissions, please.

The artist must be a current resident of San Miguel County.

Considerations for selection will include artistic quality, originality, relevance (message), mechanics (spelling and grammar).

The words, HEROES 2020-2021 must be included, along with Las Vegas, NM 4th of July Fiestecitas.  We will add logos on the lower right-hand corner of the image.  The winner will receive a $1000 prize.

The posters must NOT be signed for consideration. We will assign a number to each one so the winner can be selected without partiality, and we will credit the artist after selection is made.

Images of the art must be submitted electronically using the submission form below before midnight on June 19.  The winner will be notified ASAP, and arrangements will be made for the original to be delivered to Gallery 140, 140 Bridge Street.

The original painting or drawing will remain the property of the City of Las Vegas, and all proceeds from the 2021 sales of the poster will go to the Las Vegas Fiesta Advisory Committee. The winner will receive a print of the original art, and a check for $1000.



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