Meet the Directors

The men and women who serve as the governing body of Las Vegas Arts Council all share a commitment to the arts and culture of Las Vegas, the artists and the art lovers, the locals and the guests who come to visit.  Click here to review LVAC’s expectations for board directors.  Our bylaws allow from 4 to 9 directors.

Directors have overlapping three year terms; some were elected to full terms and some were appointed to fill partial terms. The classes listed are the years their terms expire on December 31. 

Class of 2022 (One or two opening)
Dawne Holmes
Jim Hunyadi (Vice President)

Dawne Holmes
“As an artist who has lived all around the country it was no surprise that I chose to live in Northern NM in 2013, drawn to its incredible natural beauty as well as the friendly, down to earth and sincere values of its proud residents.

“Having worked in many mediums I have primarily specialized in airbrush and was featured in over 100 publications, having my work in the Guggenheim “Art of the Motorcycle” worldwide exhibition as well as having my work permanently displayed in The Harley Davidson Museum and Archives. After having reached a pinnacle of sorts in the motorcycle custom paint industry I have shifted my focus to primarily Fine Art painting and Metal Fabrication/Assemblage, two of my favorites.

“I am fortunate to have met so many wonderful, supportive people and artists in Las Vegas and the surrounding communities, and it is a great opportunity to be able to participate in the cultural promotion and support of the Las Vegas Arts Council and Gallery 140. Thank you!”

Jim Hunyadi
Jim Hunyadi is a retired journalist who moved from New York to Las Vegas six years ago. Since retiring, he has completed a master’s in Media Arts at Highlands, mentored student interns in video projects, and documented the restoration of the Hotel Castañeda.  


    Class of 2023 (One or two openings)
Jeremias Gonzales
Charles (Chuck) Griego y Gurule

Hello! My name is Jeremias Gonzales
I was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM. I’ve lived in Las Vegas off and on since 1994. This little town is where it all started for me. I began by building custom homes for 28 years with my father who was a general contractor here since 1993. That gave me the opportunity to create and restore some beautiful homes. Using my artistic style in each of them. My largest masterpiece is Leaping Deer Ranch in Sapello, N.M. 

I dabble in many different forms of art.  Metal sculptures, stone mosaics, wood working, stained glass, rolling art, functional art, hand painted murals to name a few. Now putting it all together, I’m making a career of what I love to do.

I love our little town and surrounding areas. I am looking forward to collaborating on behalf of the community, with the community, for the community. 

Charles (Chuck) Griego y Gurule
Charles “Chuck” Griego y Gurulé, born and raised in Las Vegas, NM, is fluent in three languages, English, Spanish, and ASL (American Sign Language.) His motto is “acta non verba” which suggests some knowledge of Latin as well. He serves the City of Las Vegas as Film Liaison and Events Coordinator, and his past jobs include radio personality and DJ, city Public Information Office, and Sign Language interpreter. Every one of his skills and every step of his career will benefit the administration, promotion, and planning involved in our work.

Class of 2024 (One or two openings)
Richard Lindeborg, President
Chris Ulibarri, Treasurer

Richard Lindeborg
Richard Lindeborg has served the Las Vegas Arts Council as a member of its Advisory Board and the Board of Directors.  He was raised in Las Vegas, New Mexico.  After graduation from Highlands University he spent his career teaching, writing, and editing for four universities and three federal departments before returning to Las Vegas in 2005.  He participates in three singing groups at Highlands and is on the Advisory and Development Board of the Las Vegas Community Foundation.  Richard and his wife, a retired restaurant chef, live in the Las Vegas home his family built in 1950. 

Chris Ulibarri
Chris Ulibarri, photographer and entrepreneur is part owner of Ulibarri Farms Candies on Bridge Street in Las Vegas’ historic Old Town district.  He is a full time undergraduate student at New Mexico Highlands University, studying political science, history, and geology, an active member of Amnesty International’s local chapter, and their legislative coordinator for the state of New Mexico.