Basic Duties

  1. Staff LVAC office (10 a.m. -Noon Tue.-Fri. or other), handling telephone/email/in person inquiries, harvesting such inquiries received outside of office hours, maintaining a log of all contacts and forwarding the log to LVAC president
  2. Record monetary income in bookkeeping software and prepare deposit slips for treasurer
  3. Record payments in (bookkeeping software and cut checks for signing.
  4. Capture donor and member information in database.
  5. Maintain artist/gallery contact list, make updates
  6. Maintain office files, including event/program photographs
  7. Maintain gallery show tools: calls, submissions, show inventory, etc.
  8. Make monthly report of tasks, submit with monthly invoice to the Treasurer.
  9. Attend executive Board planning meetings, Board meetings; and meetings with the President.
  10. Handle and make record of art pickups and drop-offs.
  11. Office care: Vacuum, dust, clean bathroom, water plants, sweep sidewalk, etc.  ?


Advanced Duties (depending on skills)  

  1. Compile and distribute community calendar using marketing automation software
  2. Maintain community calendar distribution system
  3. Update public relations materials, including social media, update brochure
  4. Maintain LVAC website and social medias sites


Required Skills/Qualifications

  1. 3-5 years office management experience
  2. Experience with office computers, office management software, bookkeeping software, and marketing automation software.
  3. Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  4. Interpersonal abilities to work extremely well as a part of a team
  5. Ability to manage sensitive information with confidential professionalism

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Knowledge of currently used LVAC PC software: Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, ConstantContact, and WordPress.
  2. Familiarity with/interest in the arts.