Call for A Community Gallery

A Community Gallery


The Las Vegas Arts Council is always seeking artists and art lovers interested in participating in a different kind of gallery.

THIS PAGE IS UNDER REVISION FOR 2022.  Check back soon.

We are so proud of the last several years of exhibiting amazing and beautiful work in a gallery setting.  It has been a privilege to promote local artists, young and old, students and professionals.

We have decided our gallery should depend on the powerful and gifted local community of artists  and art lovers.  Your creativity and energy will transform this important bridge to our community.  We need you, the artists, to lead Gallery 140 into the future.

We are working toward a Gallery that will be planned, executed, curated, and supervised by artists seeking a public space for their own work and the arts community’s work, as long as they agree on the mission.

If a collaboration between the directors, staff, volunteers, artists, and art lovers can focus on these ideas…

1.  Discover and exhibit local artists, especially those not showing elsewhere.

2.  Promote the work of LVAC by connecting with the community–drawing them into the gallery.

3.  Promote interest in visual arts by connecting art to the community—events, themes, targeted groups.

4.  Promote, protecting, and preserve traditional arts.

5.  Provide bridges to the various educational institutions.

6.  Promote groups promoting Las Vegas as an arts destination, e.g. Plein Air.

7.  Keep the gallery fresh and interesting by showing a variety of art and artists, usually showing in groups of two or three or more, varying styles, schools, and media, both two and three dimensional art, and avoiding ruts and repetition.

…then Gallery 140 will support the mission of LVAC, to encourage, promote, and preserve arts, culture, and the humanities in the Las Vegas area and become a recognized arts and culture destination.

Small classes and salons are an important element and you are encouraged to include plans for those.  These ideas are one perspective on how to use the gallery space, but they are NOT rules or constraints.  Please bring your own creativity and experiences.

There are two ways you are invited to participate.

  1. Answer our call for artists.  Provide the information a selection committee will need to choose your work for the right time with the right group to give us a great gallery year.
  2. Answer our call for proposals. Propose a show…the themes, ideas, artists, curators, reception, publicity, promotions, share your ideas!

All artists and participants must be members of the Las Vegas Arts Council.
Our membership options begin at $10.00/year.

All proposals must be “self-supporting.” While we build up our financial and volunteer base and as we dream of expanding and enriching our programs, we are searching for and writing grants and trying to track all the details required for this work.  We will supervise, keep the books, fill out forms, and advise, but we want the community to help us with some of the decisions, host the gallery, host the receptions, and partner with us…a community gallery!

We want everyone to see this gallery as “OUR” gallery, a safe, welcoming, entertaining, educational, challenging arts and cultural center.

The work we show should reflect the heritage and diversity of our community and the heritage and diversity of the arts. It should connect the community and the artists and draw people into the gallery.