Proposals for Gallery Exhibits


That’s all we want.
(We want it ALL!)

We want to hear from you!  Proposals for themes and artists that you would like work with or to see represented are very welcome.

We are looking for variety, and consideration is given to local artists—  but local is defined very loosely.  Exceptions of every kind are “on the table.”

Work should mostly be available for sale.  Artists are responsible for state sales tax, and a commission (20% covers a few of our expenses and is FAR LESS than a commercial gallery) to Las Vegas Arts Council.

Would you be interested in curating a show?  By curating, we mean proposing the artists and a theme for one particular month, inviting them, acting as liaison between them and the Gallery, hanging the show or overseeing it, possibly helping describe the work for promotion, inviting for the reception, attending and supporting the reception, overseeing take down, evaluating the show.

Just want to throw an idea out there?  Yes.  Go for it!

Come in to talk, or write it down.
Call, email, or personally deliver!
140 Bridge Street in Las Vegas, NM

We need your contact information.
Name, address, phone number(s), email address, etc.
We need your ideas…ideas, themes, artists, goals, suggestions…

Take as much space as you need.  We are looking for ways to include more work, not limit it.  If you have questions or concerns, please ask!