METAL! Sleek, rusty, shiny, it’s all here at Gallery 140, 140 Bridge Street, some for sale and some for exhibition only,  After three years with a focus mostly on motorcycles, our curator suggested a more general metal theme.

Running through the month of July and culminating with the 14th Annual Rough Rider Motorcycle Rally, the show features art related to anything metal…motorcycles, automobiles, transportation, etc., including sculpture, mixed media, photography, painting, and collage. 

Curated and hung by local artist K. Dawne Holmes, we have a knockout show and look forward to seeing you. We are open from 1-4 pm, Tuesday through Saturday, with extended hours during events and we will also open by appointment.  Call 505-425-1085, and we will set it up.  Two receptions are planned, one for Saturday, July 20 from 5-7 pm especially for the community, and another during the rally, July 26, from 6-8 pm.


Dawne’s artistry shows in her curation, but her Protector of Dreams shaman assemblage is the centerpiece of the show.

From Dawne’s website:  Primarily an airbrush artist for over 35 years, my career has encompassed many forms of this unique medium. After entering the custom motorcycle industry, my airbrush was refined to a level of creativity, originality, and precision that elevated my reputation to among the best of the best internationally with over 100 publications, national television appearances, record-breaking awards in numerous national competitions and collaborations with some of the top custom-bike builders in the field. Various works of mine have appeared in the hugely popular “Art Of The Motorcycle” Exhibitions at the Guggenheim Museums in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Bilbao, Spain; in addition to being permanently displayed in the Harley-Davidson Archives Museum in Milwaukee.

Having reached a point of personal achievement in the custom-painting genre I have now turned my artistic pursuits toward other subjects and substrates. I enjoy working in a photorealistic/graphic style of painting with an eye for detail as well as metal fabrication, two totally diverse mediums that allow for the flexibility of creativity that each art form uniquely brings.

Come see Dawne’s 7 foot shaman, Protector of Dreams, an assemblage of various salvaged metal that sees all, knows all, and keeps us all in line.

Christopher Thomson Ironworks

Dawne persuaded Christopher Thomson, Sculptor and Master Blacksmith, to share from his collection of “Blooms” and “Akaba” art pieces.  From his website, “I forge in white hot iron and bronze. Forms initially explored for their own sake find their way into my gates, railings, chandeliers, lamps, tables and chairs. Life experiences blending with the rich tradition of my craft, quietly pushing my work in unanticipated directions.”  He also is an intuitive and improvisational flute player, connecting the sounds to the rugged environment he loves to embrace.

Kimberly Reed Deemer is as interesting and intense as her work, which covers a wide and diverse variety of mediums and subjects. To get the big picture, you have to see her website, since her work for this show reveals just a glimpse. In October of 2013 Fine Art Views newsletter, Informed Collector, identified Kimberly as a Focal Point artist-to-collect, describing her ongoing series of the metal sculptors of New Mexico Highlands University as: “An intimate portrayal of iron workers at a foundry. An intensity of purpose and action is evident in these engaging and well-drawn oils.”

Meredith Britt, multimedia artist, takes collage to a new level, with a variety of vehicles, from a convertible to a motorcycle to an old truck to a skateboard.  See Meredith Britt Collage on Facebook or see her work up close and personal at El Zócalo Cooperative Gallery, 1809 Plaza Park.

Jane Lumsden is a local business owner (Semilla Natural Foods), involved community member (Las Vegas First independent Business Alliance) and…drum roll…accomplished sculptor!  The daughter of an artist and mother of an artist, Jane has established her own place in the art world.

Deanna Roybal, art photographer (and home health physical therapy assistant) finds beauty in unexpected places and opens our eyes to the beauty of paint crackles and rust.  And it is beautiful.

Ol’ Rusty is just the tip pf the iceberg of a lifetime of beautiful and original painting by Duffy PetersonFor more of her work visit El Zócalo Cooperative Gallery, 1809 Plaza Park.

David Lobdell, award winning sculptor and chair of the Department of Visual and Performing Art at New Mexico Highlands University, is a leader in the international cast iron art movement. He was the founding president of the Western Cast Iron Art Alliance in 2008 and continues to serve on the board of directors, and established the internationally acclaimed biennial Iron Tribe Sculpture Symposium at Highlands in 2001.

Rat Rod entrepreneur and artist in his own right Charlie Pacheco rescues, repairs, restores, photographs, and frames cars and trucks in a class by themselves.

Elauterio Lujan welds miscellaneous parts into clocks and assemblage sculpture, improvising and upcycling with fun and fascinating results.

Angela Meron, visual artist and graphic designer, joined the Department of Media Arts & Technology at Highlands following one year as Adjunct Faculty at Simpson College. In addition to teaching graphic design, typography, color theory, and drawing, she teaches popular social painting classes while continuing to freelance. Her focus is design – teaching and designing for print, web and social media, interior spaces and a life.

Patricia Rodriguez is showing for the first time at Gallery 140, and has brought us a 40” x 40” mixed media collage acrylic on canvas titled Liquid Metal.  In her own words, “This profound creative piece emanates the exquisite everflowing magnetic consciousness of the Divine Feminine and its expression of the captivating dance into the depths of the sacred journey. It is a depiction of the goddess energetic self, plunging into the abyss and discovering the deep dark unyielding shadows lurking in the unconscious realm. After its immersion into the underworld the feminine emerges purified. It radiates the haunting beauty that can only be embodied through the transcendence. It is the purification and the refining of the soul, like the metals emerging from the fire, only they emerge from the waters like liquid metal.