Inspired by Nature

Once upon a time, nearly a decade ago, local artist Sue Lucksted invited a few artists over to work together, resulting in friendships that have stood the test of time.  After Lucksted passed, those remaining continued to work together, and one day, they decided to share their work with the rest of us!

This show mainly exhibited three different artists; Kathryn Lenihan‘s ceramics, paintings, and mixed two dimensional work;  Mary Crow Clevenger‘s paintings in acrylic and dreamcatchers; and Carol Macomber‘s cyanotype prints and photograms.  One piece of Sue Luckstead’s was included as a way of honoring her legacy and bringing the artists together. Mary also includes her dream catchers and Kathryn’s husband, Peter Wait, showed his mobiles made with stones and old drift wood.

Kathryn Lenihan:  My work in this show was mostly ceramic, and followed a theme of gifts from the earth. I used low fire and micaeous clay finished with slips and some glaze. I also had a mix of 2D pieces including work in oil, colored pencil and mixed media.

My professional career began in the early 60’s at Hanna Barbera‘s studio in the Ink & Paint Dept. I continued this work at Walter Lantz Studio, Filmation Inc. and others.  I studied Commercial Art, and worked as a freelancer in the Bay Area; many of my jobs were in the field of Animation and special effects. I have worked on several films including Poltergeist and Star Trek IV at Industrial Light and Magic for several years and at Imagination Inc. where we produced shorts for Sesame Street and many commercials. I also worked in the graphics department with Bechtel Corp. for almost 20 years.  I grew tired of the tight deadlines and the computer and software programs, so I returned to school to finish my education at San Francisco State University where I received a B.A. in Art, a Clear Teaching certificate and a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Education with an emphasis on traditional art forms.  I then taught art at the elementary and high school levels.  Since retiring in 2006 and moving to Las Vegas, New Mexico, I  worked with Sue Luckstead at her studio with Carol Macomber and Mary Crow Clevenger.  My work with Ceramics has been with Johanna Keehan.

Mary Crow Clevenger: For my part of this show there were two components.  It included my paintings, both watercolor and acrylic.  The second component included dream catchers.  I am very connected to nature and enjoy being outdoors.  My paintings are mostly landscapes and still lifes. Creating dream catchers  and painting lets me open myself to the beauty, harmony, stillness and even the darker events surrounding us in nature.  My art lets me connect to all my relations and gives me a sense of wholeness.

After retiring in 2001, I was able to devote more time to  painting. In addition to being self taught,  I studied with Pat Weaver (watercolor) and Bonnie Prouty (acrylics) at the Hill Country Arts Foundation in Ingram, TX.  After moving to New Mexico I studied locally with Sue Lucksted at her ‘open studio’ for approximately four years.  Sue’s ‘open studio’ is where I met Kathryn Lenihan & Carol Macomber, both practicing artists.  They have shared many art ideas and techniques with me and we continue to meet weekly to “do our art.”

Not long after moving to New Mexico, I learned how to make dream catchers from a neighbor.  I have continued to make them from natural materials found at my home site (willow, feathers, plant fibers, etc) along with other bought items.  When I work on a dream catcher I feel like I am a part of the earth- this planet.

Carol Macomber: A long-time member of the Meadow City Camera Club, Carol’s photography and cyanotype prints have always been welcomed at Gallery 140.

We were more then pleased to have these three artists’ work at Gallery 140 and we invite you to celebrate friendship and art with them.