Archived Events

Saving some of the memories and images from past shows and events reminds us of the wonderful diversity and extraordinary talent of our local artists.  Scroll through to catch just a glimpse

February 2015:
Thoughtful Impressions and Whimsical Expressions
The Folk Art of Martín Montoya and Terry Mossman Exhibit and Sale
Posters Grouped


December 2014: Small Works 

November 2014
A Soft Touch – Wearable Art
Bright and beautiful clothing and accessories woven, embroidered, knit, sewn, and displayed by local textile artists.

A Soft Touch


October 2014 Historic Las Vegas Art Studio Tour

Big things were happening in “Lil” Las Vegas, NM. The 2014 Historic Las Vegas Art Studio Tour, sponsored by the Las Vegas Arts Council, marked the return of the art walk in Las Vegas, highlighting the artistic talent of over 70 Northeastern New Mexico artists and artisans. The exciting two-day tour featured over 22 stops featuring a wide range of works (painting, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, fiber, photography, traditional Spanish art, street art, mixed media and more).  Click here  for more about the 2014 tour.  We will post about 2015 as soon as


August 2014


July 2014  

Juxtapose Header Cropped

Jux`ta`pose: to place (different things) together in order to create an interesting effect or to show how they are the same or different; to place side by side, especially for comparison or contrast. Although the final pieces differ in form, texture and color, both watercolor on paper and bronze sculpture are created from material that flows and then freezes in place. Using water and fire Jane Fritz and Jane Lumsden use their art to capture a moment in time, celebrating the natural world. The effects are the same: suspension of movement, a pause for reflection on the beauty around us. Through her watercolors, Jane Fritz draws on visions from her world travels to convey a sense of warmth, love and appreciation for the natural world. Her palette of colors captures the luminous quality of light to recreate various atmospheric moods. Jane Lumsden boldly holds a breath of movement, asking the observer to imagine the next sequence, while using her medium to celebrate the integrity of space and time. Her pieces invite the need to touch and share. Two artists, different media, same intent: to bring beauty, thought and emotional response to the viewer, creating a sense of wonder.

June 2014

Apple Blossom: Mixed Media Mobile Sculpture
and Alex Ellis: Alkyd Paintings                                          

May 2014

Quilts and More!


The Silver Threads Quilters created beautiful wall hangings, traditional quilts, casserole carriers, tote bags, aprons, and displayed every imaginable practical and decorative use for their labors of love for the month of May. More people were drawn in off the street by the vivid, bold colors and the warmth of their volunteer gallery-sitters than is typical.  They made many new friends for the Arts Council and we appreciate their work.

April 2014 NMHU Ceramics Students Exhibition and Amy Caldwell

WebHeaderRev1   The ceramics students of NMHU Department of Visual and Performing Arts had a group exhibit at Gallery 140 in the Las Vegas Arts Council building on Bridge Street in April. There were 14 artists under the tutelage of Shereen Lobdell, a Ceramic Arts professional and educator at both NMHU and Luna Community College. Ceramic garden gnomes, birdbaths, pots, planters, pitchers, masks, mushrooms, tiles, and other sculptures set the tone. Amy Caldwell, daughter of Las Vegas artist (painter) Dorothy Chase Keightly, and mother of graphic and silk screen artist Adam Caldwell, added another level of sophistication with her two-dimensional ink and watercolors  of herbs and plants, collages, and paintings of Las Vegas life. In 2013, Amy’s design entry in the Annual Fiesta Poster Contest won her a third place award.  It was a wonderful show for everyone involved.

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