July 2015

Atman-BlakePosterOur gallery will be open Tuesday through Saturday, from 1 – 4 PM, and by special appointment.  If you would like to purchase art, the Gallery accepts cash or checks made out to the artist.

Dia Atman 

Dia and Friends

My work has evolved out of three decades of furniture design and construction.  It reflects my interests in the fields of visual humor (cartoons of all sorts, Atman3comics/comix, etc.) and real and imagined combinations of human and animal interaction.  Further, these pieces provide a vehicle for my predilection to “mess” with language (especially Anglais), and to also engage in the practice of recycling and repurposing.  I consider this current body of work to be Retablos Mundanos, that is, Religiously Nonreligious Art.
Atman2Thank you for viewing these entities* and if you occasionally laugh out loud, it certainly won’t hurt m’fillins.            D.A.

*Caution:  THIS IS KNOT ART.
It may be addictive and habit forming.


Bambi Doe Blake

bambidollsmaskladyLiving in New Mexico, the hot summer morning sun would baked my straw, water, and mud dolls as hard as rocks. Decorated with small stones for eyes and mouth, they were covered with a dusting of white chalk (this was made by rubbing a piece of white chalk on a small screen.) In the afternoon the Mud Dolls were sold to the elderly retired members that lived across the street at the Elk’s Club (B.P.O.E) for 5 cents each. My parents were school teachers and the idea of me selling mud dolls for money was pure embarrassment to them. I was 5 years old.

Even as a child I enjoyed altering dolls, and soon after receiving them, their clothes, head, bambidollsdaddysgirland limbs were removed and placed on other dolls until I had what I thought the perfect doll.  Forty years later I’m still  buying, making, selling, collecting and altering dolls which  I now sell through galleries.  My  whimsical Spirit Stick Dolls are an assemblage combination of sticks, silk, charms, a clay face, dried corn husks, bark, herbs, shells, milagros, and secret messages placed close to their hearts.

My art dolls and other fantasy pieces including Frida Kahlo and El Dia de Los Muertos can be see in SOMERSET STUDIO Magazine, the art of paper and mixed media,
ART DOLL\ BELLE AMORE and other art books related publications.

Bambi Doe Blake   doee@desertgate.com