Missoula Las Vegas, NM Booster Club




Remember Missoula???

Did you or someone you know grow up waiting for Missoula Children’s Theater time to come around every summer? Did you audition and take the stage to wow the audience? Did you help take the reins to assist behind the scenes? Do you wish there was some way to get nostalgic and reminisce with your fellow stars?

Have we got the place for you! Head on over to Missoula Children’s Theatre in Las Vegas, NM‘s Facebook page and share your stories, pictures, and memories!

The Missoula Children’s Theatre, sponsored by the Las Vegas Arts Council since 1988, has touched the lives of hundreds of children, youth, and their families, and also enriched the entire community.  The collaboration has “helped kids reach a new stage” and birthed countless cherished friendships over the years, supported by volunteers, donors, and an enthusiastic audience who have been responsible for many expenses and considerable applause.

In recognition of this support, these friendships, and the fact that now Missoula Alumni have children who are participating Missoula Kids, this group, The Missoula Booster Club, is hereby established.

Our goals are to reconnect the alumni, acknowledge the community, preserve the memories and memorabilia, recognize alumni and supporters, and solicit funds to perpetuate Missoula Children’s Theatre in Las Vegas, NM.

We are determined to PLAY OUR PART to make a DRAMATIC impact.  (Ha!)

We would love to encourage you to attend the annual performance, wear your t-shirt (if you can find it and it still fits!) and laugh and clap and encourage this year’s troupe.  We will set up a table with whatever memorabilia we can come up with, and have a little reunion as well.  You might even be asked to take a bow before the show. 

In the meantime, we are have a Facebook page and we invite you to “Like” it, share it with alumni and friends that you are still in touch with, and ask them to share as well.  We have surpassed 100 likes and expect to make it over 200 by the next performance, July 15.

We don’t want to OVERorganize!  No weekly or even monthly meetings or dues or fundraisers–but we would love to get back in touch, have a steering committee or executive board, and have a place for those photos and memories of Missoula Past!  We can support Missoula Present, and maybe consider the possibilities for Missoula Future.

Will you join us?  (Link to Facebook Page here)

“Anyone who supports the performing arts is elevating humanity and ensuring the continuation of something fundamental to an enlightened society.  Engaging positively as a group makes us feel connected, humble and inspired.”
            Daphne Braun/Former MCT Kid and current MCT Parent