LVAC at the Plaza


The Historic Plaza Hotel is filled withleger-poster wonderful works of art everywhere you look.

Hotelier Allan Affeldt generously allowed the Las Vegas Arts Council to share the work of our wonderful local artists in the north-south ballroom corridor from April 2015 through December 2016.  The work has been for sale as well as for your viewing pleasure.

We are taking a break for a season  while the Plaza remodels and rehabilitates the area we enjoyed so much. We hope to be invited back very soon, and will publicize our return with great joy, pomp and circumstance!

The following will give you an idea of what we were up to!

Click here for a full-sized pdf of the poster from our last show. The title of the show, Es familia, developed from a sense the artist had as he looked around the installed exhibit.  The paintings of various men and women all reflect various backgrounds and locations, different worlds and different lives.  And yet, he said, “Es familia, it’s family. We are all family.”

Artist Lorenzo Leger lives and works not far beyond Sapello, New Mexico, above Las Tusas, in El Enllembador.  Family researchers have narrowed down the meaning of “enllembador” to either “enchantment” or “weeds.”  There is a certainly a bountiful supply of both in this beautiful countryside.

Leger was born in Las Vegas, and his family remembers him “doodling” as a baby.  His mother saved a special chalk drawing he created when he was only 11.  After a stint in the army, Lorenzo Leger studied art at New Mexico Highlands University and eventually became part of a tradition of his family of blacksmiths reaching back four generations to his great-grandfather, François Leger, a French immigrant.  The Leger family was well-known for their wrought ironwork, both for skill and artistry.  There are many descendants of the Leger family still in the area, along with others of French ancestry.

After his retirement, Leger and his brothers decided to build themselves homes, and he has actually only re-focused on his art in the last decade.  He has exhibited at Arts and Stones Gallery in Las Vegas, more recently at Blowin’ in the Wind, at Gallery 140 on Bridge Street, and has participated for the last two years in the Historic Las Vegas Art Studio Tour, sharing space with Brooke Burkey, Nacho Jaramillo, and Robin Woolley.  He is a wonderful painter, and also designs, and sculpts.

Lorenzo Leger

La Iglesia de San Ignacio by Lorenzo Leger (c)

The Arts Council is especially grateful to have been allowed to use an image of Leger’s oil on canvas, “La Iglesia de San Ignacio,” advertising our gallery and our work across the state of New Mexico, and we appreciated the opportunity to exhibit his work.

Las Vegas Arts Council thanks the Historic Plaza Hotel and Allan Affeldt for collaborating with us for nearly two wonderful years.. The use of the Ballroom Corridor extended the mission of Gallery 140 into the community and shared the work of our wonderful local artists.

Special thanks to the Plaza staff, and especially Diane Moore, for her support and encouragement.

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The beautiful and historic Plaza Hotel is a prime attraction for locals and for visitors from all over the world.  Click HERE for information. BTW, Don’t forget to ask about the ghosts!
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The Plaza and its entrance, Historic Bridge Street, are lined with shops, galleries, and restaurants, all looking forward to meeting you.  Be our guest!

The Holidays on Bridge Street. Photo credit: Andy Kingsbury, Plaza Antiques

The Holidays on Bridge Street in Las Vegas, New Mexico    Photo credit: Andy Kingsbury, Plaza Antiques