At Gallery 140 Now

Twenty-six outstanding local artists (listed below) are exhibiting almost 90 amazing works of art for an entire month at Gallery 140, 140 Bridge Street in historic Old Town, Las Vegas, New Mexico. Mostly for sale, these represent the artists’ perspective on
“our connection with Nature,
Her wonders and Her forces.
We live each day with both
extreme beauty
and the unsettling reality
of a changing world
due to climate change.
Nature is giving us a silent message,
a visual one, and this was our opportunity to respond.”

Join us as we celebrate the arts.

Our hours are Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 1-4 pm.
Friday and Saturday, 1-6 pm.
Always open by appointment.  505-425-1085

Participating Artists (In alphabetical order)
Anna Aragon
Enrique Archuleta
Meredith Britt
Leslie Broughton
Denise Fox
Jane Fritz
Stephen Goding
Karlene Gonzales
Susan Holland
K. Dawne Holmes
Jim Hunyadi
Ignacio (Nacho) Jaramillo
Kristy Klaiber
Ken Krusemark
Colin Lanham
Nancy Leippe
Martín Montoya
Anita Moss
Terry Mossman
Duffy Peterson
Elaine Querry
Mario Quilles
Kimberly Reed-Deemer
Fran Ryan
Mary Search
Christopher Thomson