2022 People’s Faire – Postponed or Cancelled


The City of Las Vegas has postponed all events on city-owned property until further notice due to concerns over contaminated water.

There was no way we could plan around or reschedule with such an indefinite period of time.  We were forced to cancel.  We thought perhaps we could aim for late September but we can’t be sure.

We had permits and were good to go.  We are aware this has hurt so many vendors who have worked so hard, created, dreamed, invested, and made plans.  This is the third consecutive year we have been unable to celebrate the artists and artisans of Las Vegas…after more than 40 consecutive years.

We are so sorry. We did post it on the LVAC FaceBook page, and are in the process of contacting all the vendors that paid to reserve a space.

The governor has promised help for small business owners that have been harmed by the fires, floods, and their aftermath.  We will keep you informed.

Such awful times for our community…but we will survive!

THE ANNUAL PEOPLE’S FAIRE has provided the community with the outdoor arts and crafts sales event of the year on the lawn of historic Carnegie Library Park, located at 500 National Avenue, along with OVER 60 artisan vendors, live music, delicious food, children’s activities, and a town hall of non-profits sharing opportunities and information…for over 40 years!

For the LAST two years, we went virtual.
  To keep everyone as healthy as possible, we celebrated with an online gallery designed to give the opportunity to connect with vendors, shop, and enjoy the memories of the Las Vegas People’s Faire from the safety of your home.  A virtual People’s Faire! a virtual gallery and marketplace… 

But THIS year, we planned a comeback for everybody, shoppers, vendors, EVERYBODY!

The (nearly) Annual People’s Faire
has been cancelled.

Questions about the Faire?
Call Las Vegas Arts Council at 505-425-1085
or email lvac@lasvegasartscouncil.org.