Robertson High School Students’ Work Featured at Gallery 140

Artist and musician Amy Hufnal teaches World Cultures and Theater classes at Robertson High School, using both ART and MUSIC to reinforce those lessons. 

When in the classroom, supplies are plentiful, but with distance learning, students are even more creative and resourceful finding those supplies at home.

After lessons about Japan, gyotaku printing and “silk” paintings were created.  As they studied Madagascar, recycling built paper sculptures of colorful and slightly scary native insects along with 3-dimensional collages.  Peruvian resistance paintings glowed with vivid colors, and kitchen alchemy produced beautiful Cuzco gold medallions.

The work was displayed in February, and students, families, and the community enjoyed the COVID-safe masked and sanitized tours offered by the Arts Council.

In case you missed it, LVAC board members David Rogers and Jim Hunyadi videotaped Ms. Hufnal describing the art.  After editing and uploading, they are on YouTube for you to enjoy in three parts.

Robertson World Cultures Part 1 – Madagascar

Robertson World Cultures Part 2 – Japan

Robertson World Cultures Part 3 – Peru