The Good Life, Motorcycle and Automotive Art

Curated by nationally known custom airbrush artist, K. Dawne Holmes, this is a knock-out exhibit!

THE SHOW MUST GO ON!  At the very last possible minute, we realized we needed help with the 2018 July Gallery Show, dedicated to motorcycle and automotive art.  What to do?

Over a year ago Las Vegas Arts Council learned that “the” K. Dawne Holmes, professional airbrush artist, a superstar in her field, had been living in nearby El Ancon, NM, and recently moved to Las Tusas where she was putting the finishing touches on a new studio.  We planned to introduce Dawne to the community with a few pieces this year.  Instead, we asked her to curate the show and be the featured artist.  She graciously agreed to fill Gallery 140 with custom work, photographs, prints, and vintage memorabilia that came from her collection and a group of artists that encompassed a few who have shown here before, and a few she newly discovered for us to enjoy,  You have to see the Camaro chimera in the window, and the New Mexico bike tank she painted for her partner, Bill Loveall.

Check these out, too!

“Highway Handshake” by K. Dawne Holmes

“Kickin’ Back On Route 66” by K. Dawne Holmes

Holmes persuaded Deanna Roybal, a home health physical therapy assistant to exhibit her work. Roybal refuses to call her self a photographer because this is just her second show.  Trust us…she IS a photographer!

Our first-time ever curator asked her valley neighbor, well-known local artist Janet Stein Romeo, to make prints of a beautiful watercolor on silk piece called “Grace Jones on Leather.” Then Dawne called on her friend and fellow artist Amy Jean Nichols from Ohio to contribute.  In addition to a career in glass, enamels. marbles, and beadmaking, Nichols draws vintage motorcycles and presents them as cards and larger matted prints.  Her detailed pen and ink drawings include an early 20th century Pierce Four, and a 1956 BMW.  See

Nancy Leippe brought in three digital prints combining her photos of bike details inlaid with her images of tattoos.  Bill Loveall is showing his vintage collection of biker memorabilia along with a video of “The Good Life” he made.  Mike Roybal helped out with three framed photos, and Dan Garcia is showing an ancient moped, a relic Harley Davidson gas can, other keepsakes,  and examples of his metal work.  Berto Lopez’ iconic Rough Rider painting is on display and prints are for sale, along with two Mark James prints.

Gallery 140 is open Tuesday through Saturday from 1-4 pm at 140 Bridge Street, and will be open extended hours through the Rough Rider Motorcycle Rally, the last weekend of July.  The gallery is always willing to open by appointment, too, so feel free to call 505-425-1085 to schedule your visit.

Dawne’s Artist Statement
Primarily an airbrush artist for over 35 years, my career has encompassed many forms of this unique medium. After entering the custom motorcycle industry my airbrush was refined to a level of creativeness, originality and precision that elevated my reputation to among the best of the best internationally with over 100 publications, national television appearances, record-breaking awards in numerous national competitions and collaborations with some of the top custom-bike builders in the field. Various works of mine have appeared in the hugely popular “Art Of The Motorcycle” exhibitions at the Guggenheim Museums in N.Y, Chicago, Bilbao, Spain and Las Vegas in addition to being permanently displayed in the Harley-Davidson Archives Museum in

Having reached a point of personal achievement in the custom-painting genre I have now turned my artistic pursuits toward other subjects and  substrates. I enjoy working in a photorealistic/graphic style of painting with an eye for detail as well as metal fabrication, two totally diverse mediums that allow for the flexibility of creativity that each artform uniquely brings.

I’m currently focusing on painting botanicals and landscapes which are a personal fascination of mine and allows me to to incorporate many different techniques on canvas.  Click for more about Dawne.

Do NOT miss this wonderful show…at 140 Bridge Street through Sunday, July 29.